General Condition of Purchase

These general conditions of purchase apply to all orders of Purchaser in respect of purchasing of goods from Seller or rendering of services by Seller.

Range of products

Our product range you can find in our webshops or on request.
Before buying we can give information and advice provided to customer.
We call attention to the fact that our distributed products accomplish the parameters prescribed by the manufacturer, like this the product onto an imagined task the unfitness of truth, it is related to this concerned potential customer discontent does not belong to the circle of the technical support or the warranty obligations. We distribute new devices in our business, does not stand products in our manner because of this to buy back.


Our prices are available on request. Onto a request we give a written offer. In the written offer quotation prices we keep it until the validity deadline.


 Onto the products on the depository we accept an order through our webshop or ordered by phone, and in writing. Unique, special products can be ordered in writing only.

We acknowledge a written order in a writing. Axico a Ltd. accepts the deletion of the order until a deadline like that while a supplier’s partner is material only in the case of unique orders and accepts the resignation of the order without legal consequences.

If the supplier charges a resignation prize, shipping and handling charge, it Axico a Ltd. was passed on to the customer.
If the supplier rejects the deletion of the order, customer ropemaker to take over the merchandise, and to pay the purchase price.

Delivery time

The products ordered by phone our colleagues has information about standing for the provision, in as much the product is not on a depository, from the expected arrival. The ordered product will be sent a written confirmation. If the product contained in the confirmation deadline three days later could only be delivered, the Axico Kft. will notify customers.